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Heaven's Angel Whispers

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  • The Archangel Metatron, recorder of the 'book of life' and scribe for all our deeds.
  • The Archangel Michael, commander-in-chief of the Heavenly Armies.
  • The Archangel Gabriel, to stand for truth and deliver the word of God.
  • The Archangel Raphael, angel of healing through joy.
  • The Archangel Uriel, to bring us the light of the knowledge of God.

  • The Guardian Angel of Children, to guard and protect all children.
  • The Guardian Angel of Youth, to guard and protect all that is youthful in us.
  • The Guardian Angel of Young Love, to protect all who fall in love.
  • The Guardian Angel of Young Adults, to help young adults choose a clear direction
  • The Guardian Angel of Maturity, to guide our emotional growth.
  • The Guardian Angel of Health, to guard and protect your gealth
  • The Guardian Angel of Creativity, to guide your creativity to flourish
  • The Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth, to protect our growing spirituality.
  • The Guardian Angel of Service, to teach us how to give from our hearts.

  • The Angel Prince of The South, to guide and protect the multitude of people within its realm.
  • The Angel Prince of The North, to encourage the multitudes and assist world leaders in rational thinking.
  • The Angel Prince of The East, to help the multitudes open and express their feelings.
  • The Angel Prince of The West, to provide the mulititudes with access to the heavenly realms
  • Powers: The Angel of Peace, to guide our souls to peace.
  • Powers: The Angel of Serenity, to let our souls be serene.
  • Powers: The Angel of Harmony, to let our souls rest in harmony.
  • Virtues: The Angel of Freedom, to remove the obsticles to freedom.
  • Virtues: The Angel of Trust, to open our hearts and minds to trusting in the goodness of life.
  • Virtues: The Angel of Faith, to help mankind find faith in God and His angels.
  • Dominions: The Angel of Reconciliation, to reconcile us to the light.
  • Dominions: The Angel of Mercy, to bring mercy into oour lives.
  • Dominions: The Angel of Forgiveness, to help us forgive and release the past
    • Seraphim: The Angel of The Miracle of Love, to bring miracles into our lives.
    • Seraphim: The Angel of The Essence of Love, protecting the essence of love.
    • Seraphim: The Angel of Eternal Love, to transmit God's eternal and unconditional love.
    • Cherubim: The Angel of Wisdom, to bring wisdom into the lives of us all.
    • Cherubim: The Angel of Discernment, to offer discernment to all who walk the path of light.
    • Cherubim: The Angel of Knowing,to give humankind the gift of its deepest knowing.
    • Thrones: The Angel of Being, to act as God's eyes.
    • Thrones: The Angel of Power, to transform God's love into material form.
    • Thrones: The Angel of Glory, to celebrate the glory of the Devine.

    Update 08-28-07

    "Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong. God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God"

    1 Corinthians 27-28