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Peter Noone

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Harbour Stables Inc. was founded for the purpose of

restoring health and dignity to those Equine found in need of help.

Our mission is to work with all aspects of the animal, including the

body and mind, as well as the education of owners.

Harbour Stables is a passion shared by friends Brad & Maureen Miller! They established the horse rescue in 1999 and have spent countless hours and dollars caring for neglected equines. They would like to make the shelter, self sufficient, so their crusade goes on long after they are gone!


"Hanna" (Horse pictured above) Was being kept in a pasture lined with barbed wire and she was living off tree bark. Hanna'a eyes were heavily infected and is in need of corrective surgery for a flap of skin that grew over her eyes.
  A fund was set up at:
Service First Federal Credit Union
1207 Bloom Road
Danville, Pa 17821
(Write Hanna fund on the memo line)
Donations may be sent directly to:
Harbour Stables Inc.
2169 Snydertown Road
Danville, Pa 17821

Currently in need of adoption

"Patrick" is currently waiting to be adopted. Please visit Harbour Stables website At:

Harbour Stables


Kate And Mojo

My daughter Katherine recently had the opportunity to adopt "Mojo" and she has also, helped foster and care for horses from Harbour Stables.

The question is not, Can they reason? Nor can they talk? But, can they suffer? Philosopher Jeremy Bentham
Bottom line -Don't make excuses for cruelty!~~Shari~~