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Howard was born October 16, 1885 in Rebuck, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Samuel Shankweiler Brosius and Catherine “Katie” Hoch.

When Howard was just nine years old, his beloved mother passed away at age thirty.

1900 Howard is living in Shamokin, Pa. He is living with his father, Samuel, and his step-mother, Emma Amy Straub

Our grandfather, Howard Hoch Brosius, had a whole other life before he met our grandmother.  From all accounts, he was a good man with a sense of humor ...never heard a bad thing about him.  Between 1900-1920, He went out west as a young man( Washington) and met a Native American woman.....I"m not sure if they were married....and had children together.  The story goes that he was at work(working on the Snake River) and she took the children to school via horseback.  She was on her way back,holding the baby, when the horse's leg went into a hole in the ground and the horse stumbled, threw her and the baby off and the horse fell on top  of her and the baby , killing them both.  Someone went and got Pappy, he buried his beloved horse, Patty, right there, by the Snake River.  The rest of the story is sketchy, but her people wanted him to leave the children with them so they could be brought up in Native American some point he agreed and came back home to PA to work in the coal mines.  Our grandfather has another family of Brosius' out in Washington.

In 1924 Howard married Florence Bressler, daughter of Franklin Bressler and Susanna Elizabeth Dull.

The they the parents of five children: George Samuel; Elizabeth Ethel; Charles Webster; Dawn M; and Howard C.

Howard’s W.W. I draft registration card list his occupation as a miner for the North Franklin Colliery in Trevorton, Pa His address is list as Mulberry Street Shamokin, Pa. Under the disqualified remarks on his registration it notes the following: Granulated eyelids sometimes prevents him from seeing in the morning.

Howard’s W.W. II draft registration list his occupation as Hunter Station, Northumberland county, PA. His address is list as Rebuck Upper Mahonoy Township.

Howard died April 21, 1954 and is buried in the Himmel cemetery, Rebuck, Pa.

On this page I'll provide a little information about who I am and what inspired me to do this research. Most of this information was probably obtained from talking to living relatives and from researching public records. In the course of doing this research, I've discovered that I have many more relatives than I ever thought possible!

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In this area I might mention some organizations I contacted to research the family tree and thank by name some family members who were especially helpful.

Andrew and Lucetta Brosius

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