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Peter Noone

Noone Discography


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That was then

This is now

Peter Noone Recordings

Oh you pretty things/Together forever (Rak Records) 1971
Right on mother/Walnut whirl (Rak Records) 1971
Shoo be doo ah/Because you're there (Rak Records) 1972
Should I?/Each and every minute (Rak Records) 1972
(I think I'm over) getting over you/All sing together (Phillips) 1973
Meet me on the corner down at Joe's Cafe/(Blame it) on the Pony Express (Casablanca) 1974
Something old, something new/(Blame it) on the Pony Express (Casablanca) 1975
We don't need the money/Love don't change (Bus Stop) 1976
It's good when I get there/Treat you like a lady (Bus Stop) 1976
Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha/Can I put my song in your heart (Bus Stop) 1977
Steady eddy/I screamed Anne (Johnston) as The Tremblers 1980
Steady Eddy/I'll be taking her out tonight (Johnston) as The Tremblers 1980
Wouldn't I/She was something else (Johnston) as The Tremblers 1980
(I don't want to love you but) you got me anyway
I'm one of the glory boys (Johnston) as The Tremblers 1982
Im into something good (updated version)/God knows (Cypress) 1989
Million Sellers (NoOne Records) 1999

Herman's Hermits Recordings

Herman's Hermits 1965
Hold On 1965
When the boys meet the girls 1965
The Best of Herman's Hermits, Volume I 1965
Herman's Hermits on tour 1965
Both sides of Herman's Hermits 1966
The Best of Herman's Hermits, Volume II 1966
There's a kind of hush 1967
Blaze 1967
Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter 1968
The best of Herman's Hermits, Volume III 1968
The best of Herman's Hermits 1969
The most of Herman's Hermits 1971
The most of Herman's Hermits, Volume 2 1972

Herman's Hermits Compilations

British go go(compilation album of MGM artist songs) 1965
Twenty Greatest Hits 1977
The Very Best Of Herman's Hermits 1984
The EP Collection 1990
The Collection 1990
The Best Of The EMI Years, Volume 1 1991
The Best Of The EMI Years, Volume 2 1992
Best Of Herman's Hermits 1989
The Singles Collection (2 CDs) 1998
Herman's Hermits Original Gold (2 CDs) 1998

Herman's Hermits EP's

Hermania 1965
Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter 1965
Herman's Hermits hits 1965
A must to avoid 1966
Music from the soundtrack 'Hold on' 1966
Peter Noone record (accompanied the Hasbro show Biz Doll) 1966
Dandy 1967
London look (from Yardley Cosmetics ep) 1968
Regardez moi (french version of "Here comes the star)/It's alright now 1969

Herman's Hermits 45's

I'm into something good/Your hand in mine 1964
Show me girl/I know why 1964
Silhouettes/Can't you hear my heartbeat 1965
Wonderful world/Dream on 1965
Just a little bit better/Take love, give love 1965
A must to avoid/The man with the cigar 1965
You won't be leaving/Listen people 1966
Dandy/My reservation's been confirmed 1966
This door swings both ways/For love 1966
No milk today/My reservation's been confirmed 1966
East-west/What is wrong, what is right? 1966
There's a kind of hush (all over the world)/Gaslite street 1967
Museum/Moonshine man 1967
Don't go out into the rain/Moonshine man 1967
Leaning on the lamp post/Hold on 1967
Last bus home/Museum 1967
I can take or leave your loving/Marcel's 1968
Sleepy Joe/Just one girl 1968
No milk today/There's a kind of hush 1968
Sunshine girl/Nobody needs to know 1968
Something's happening/The most beautiful thing in my life 1968
My sentimental friend/My lady 1969
Here comes the star/It's alright now 1969
Years may come, years may go/Smile please 1970
Bet yer life I do/Searching for the southern sun 1970
Lady Barbara/Don't just stand there 1970

Peter and Mike Huckabee


My Favourite CD
"Twice Nightly"

Tremblers *Twice Nightly
I Screamed AAAAAAAAnne

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Herman's Hermits
Million Selllers


East West

Wonderful World
Traveling Light

No Milk Today

Lady Barbara




Thanks For All The Fabulous Music, Mister Noone!